The Lord of The Wiens: One Wiener to Rule Them All
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in the news – Press & Reviews

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Television coverage

June 19, 2005
CBS Sunday Morning News
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April 25, 2005
News 8 Austin
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Print coverage

March 19 , 2006
The Chicago Tribune: “It's a rich, famous dog's life.”

April 28, 2005
The Free Press, Buda, TX: “The long and short of it... Copper again takes gold in Wiener race.”

April 23, 2005
Austin American Statesman: “And the wiener is... Pups are fun, competition is fierce at Buda’s annual races.”

January 28, 2005
Austin American Statesman: “Who doesn’t wanna lotta wiener dogs?”

December 3, 2004
Austin Chronicle Review: Recommended As One of the Best DVD Gifts