Produced & Directed By Elise Ballard
Music Danny Levin (2 Time Grammy Winner)
Production Company Temerity Entertainment
TRT 25:00 (Plus DVD Bonus Features with extra 23 minutes of footage)
Editor & Co-Producer Blake Harrison
Cinematography By Teresa Davidson
Audrey Strauss
Fred Daniel
Post Production Sound Tequila Mockingbird
Audio Engineers Jeremiah Clifton
Kyle Crusham
Marty Lester
Matt Ludwick
Online Editor Ariel Quintans
Additional Editing Kelly Korzan
DVD Graphic Design Sean Taylor
DVD Cover Illustration Matthew Reynolds
Additional Artwork Tim French
Website Design Web Biz Strategy
Special Thanks To Williams Marketing & Wizard of Ads
Buda Lions Club
The City of Buda, Texas
Bobbie and Ken Lenz
Diane Krejci
Justin Krause
Cathy Chilcote
Charles Handrick
Warren Ketteman
Faye Ballard
Mary Bruton
Allan Barnwell
“Simba” and David Shocklee
Wally Williams
Trey Ikard
Tom Crouse

All of the dogs and their parents and friends who participated in the Buda Wiener Dog Races and Costume Contest & let us film and interview them.

And to all the Wiens’ Fans and everyone who helped us along the way and supported us and helped make this little movie possible! Thank you!